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About me

Hey! My name is Laurenz, and I live in the beautiful Ruhr area in Germany. I work as a Data Scientist with a focus on cloud infrastructure. Thus, I am something between Cloud Architect and Data Scientist. Best described as Full Stack Data Scientist. Currently, I work at sentin—a vision NDT (Nondestructive testing) startup from Bochum, Germany. The job allows me to work on different interesting Deep Learning problems and build state-of-the-art infrastructure for machine learning on AWS.

Previously, I worked at Bosch in a department that produced gears for construction and agricultural machinery. I helped build digital infrastructure for industry 4.0 and developed machine learning use cases on top of the infrastructure in this position.

I studied agriculture and later specialized in remote sensing, all about deep learning these days. I learned a lot about using Deep Learning and IT infrastructure to solve real-world problems beyond MNIST or Imagenet.

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